Brunch at Madcup Cafe

I love eggs. I'm gonna just put that out there, I really do. So, it should come as no surprise that I love to go out for brunch. The last time I went out for brunch was a couple weeks ago and we went to Madcup Cafe in Kings Heath. I have heard a lot of buzz about the place so thought I would venture there, especially as I heard there have a variety of hot drinks that don't contain caffeine and they serve acai bowls. And if you read my last post, you'd know how much I love those.

I went for the Smashed Avo on Sourdough Toast with a poached egg. It had been sprinkled with chilli flakes and drizzled with lemon. Everything about this was lovely. From the egg to the avo, everything was on point. Although this could be made at home, they did execute it well.

I went for the Red Latte to drink, which is basically frothy rooibos tea with a little caramel. It's super tasty, sweet and slightly earthy kind of taste to it. It is normally made with almond milk but I asked for coconut milk instead, which wasn't a problem but was an extra charge. 

Lastly, I shared this Acai Bowl with my mother. As we wanted to fuel our withdrawals from the ones we had in Madrid. Madcup's version was tasty but nowhere near as good. And considering it cost more than the one in Madrid and didn't contain half as many toppings, which was slightly disappointing. However, it looks great and did fuel the craving.

Overall, Madcup Cafe is a great place to go but now I have a powerful blender I can make my own acai bowl and easily make my own avo on toast. For the prices that Madcup charge, I'd rather do that if I am honest. However, I would go back for the hot drinks if I was in the area. Service was great, the perfect mix of attentive and friendly as well as allowing you space to just chill.

Have you been to Madcup? What did you think?

**All the food shown in this post was paid for by me and my opinions are my own**

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