Keeping it vegan at The Lost & Found

Just when you think you have seen and tasted all the vegan options in Birmingham, another one springs up or comes to your attention. It's not a bad problem to have, it's one I love to be honest. I used to frequent The Lost & Found a lot when I first moved back to Birmingham after university but I just fell out of love with the place, I'm not sure why. So I was happy to be invited to the bar/restaurant, as I haven't been there since they refurbished the place and rejigged the menu.

Vegan options at Yo Sushi

Sushi is one of my favourite things. Especially the options at Yo Sushi. However, the vegan options at this eatery aren't that vast, until now. Their new menu has seen them do a complete rejig, which has birthed 9 new vegan options! I went to go try out these options on the day the new menu has launched.

New vegan options at Pieminister

I have visited Pieminister a number of times since I reviewed them last time in 2017. Especially since Kevin was launched. The thing that I thought was lacking was vegan sides to accompany the vegan pie. However, they have now rectified that with their new vegan options and they even have a Sunday Best option, which combines a sunday roast with a pie. I wasn't able to visit on a Sunday, I intend to very soon, but I did visit on a Tuesday.


The first time I tried Marco Pierre White in The Cube, Birmingham, they served me dairy products and store bought cakes, so it didn't leave me enthused about the eatery. Since then they have rectified the situation but their vegan items have never been very exciting. So with this in mind, I visited the eatery to try out a three-course meal and listen to some 80s live music by Elegant Entertainment. I love live music, so this swayed me to go more than the food, and that says something!

Wok to Walk

It's lunchtime, you need something quick and tasty, where do you go? I tend to go to my foolproof list of places but there are so many more that have popped up that have so much potential. One of which is Wok to Walk, which is literally what it says on the tin. You're meant to enjoy the dishes on the go. I was invited to the eatery to try out their vegan options and see more of what they are about.

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