Tamatanga: First Impressions of the Vegan Menu

When a new place opens in Birmingham, my curiosity ensures I try it out ASAP. This is how I felt when Tamatanga opened up a few weeks ago and I have been able to try it twice already. On the two occasions, I tried different dishes off the vegan menu. Each occasion was vastly different. Both are shown in images and descriptions below. Of course, when a place is new there will be kinks they will need to sort out. So I am taking that into account and plan to revisit the eatery in a couple of months.

Thrive Festival 2017: The Best Bits

Food festivals are my favourite thing. Lots of different high-quality vendors that love food as much as I do, what is there not to love?! So with this in mind, off I went to Birmingham's first healthy festival aka Thrive Festival 2017 at The Bond in Digbeth. The last time I went to this venue I was there for the Independent Birmingham Festival last year. That event had barely any vegan/dairy-free options for me but that wasn't the case this time. Thank God! Below are my top picks at the event. Some of the vendors were new to me but a number were some of my favourites on the Birmingham foodie scene.

I Only Have Pies For You

Pies are life. And someone who cannot have dairy and prefers vegan options, pies are not in my life anymore. So, when I heard about Pieminister arriving in Birmingham, I knew I had to try it out. So I got in touch with the folks over at Pieminister to talk to them about their vegan options and at the potential of doing a review. They offered to let me do a complimentary review but let me know that they only had one vegan option, with more coming in January, which I am excited to taste!

Miss Saigon Summer Menu Launch

A week ago, I was lucky enough to be able to watch Miss Saigon and sample the summer menu at Birmingham's Hippodrome. It was a great night that really made me thankful to be a member of the Brum Bloggers and that I had created this blog in the first place. So enough of the mushiness, read on to find out the vegan options that are available at the Hippodrome. Please note that this was a taster of the menu, so the portions were smaller than they would actually be.

Umami or Unagi?

My mother and I are on the hunt for a place to have a good curry. Something that is a little different to what she makes at home but is still tasty, innovative and authentic to a certain area in India/Pakistan. This is why we were both excited to have the opportunity to try out Umami in Harbourne. Lots of my fellow blogger friends have raved about this place, so I was eagerly awaiting the meal with a fork (or piece of roti) to try out what Umami had to offer.

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