The Alchemist

When you think of The Alchemist, the first thing that comes to mind will most likely be their visually appealing cocktails. However, I have heard mixed reviews about their food and was intrigued to try it out, especially to see what their vegan options would be like. Will it be a case of falafel and hummus or something innovative? Read on to find out.

Seggiano Pesto and Pasta

After travelling to Rome, Verona and Venice, I have a greater appreciation for pasta. Especially good pasta! So I was sent the Raw Basil Pesto and Rice and Teff Tagliolini from Seggiano to try out. I was intrigued by the fact the pesto was vegan and that the pasta was rice and teff flavour. As well as being gluten free and vegan. Would it be bitter? Would it taste nice? What would it be like?

5 Things I Love about Zak Designs Bowls

Normally, I write reviews of the vegan options that I try at restaurant in and around Birmingham. But today is a little different. I'm reviewing dinnerware, in particular Zak Designs Buddha Bowl, Poke Bowl and Acai Bowl with chopsticks, soy sauce dishes and soup ladles. So let's bowl so hard!

Vegan Options at The Courtyard Restaurant

Trying somewhere new can be so nerve-wracking, especially when you've been invited. As you want them to excel with their vegan food options and customer service because writing a negative review is no fun, trust me. With this insecurity, I went to The Courtyard Restaurant. A restaurant that is situated in Conference Aston, that is a part of Aston University.

Vegan Marshmallows

There are certain things that you think you are never going to have again once you go vegan. One of which is marshmallows. So when Freedom Mallows got in touch, I was intrigued to see what the marshmallows would taste like. Would they be soft? Would they taste like marshmallows or plastic?

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