Yo Sushi

There are so many good places to eat in Birmingham that some places go to the back of your mind. One of those is Yo Sushi for me, which I recently revisited because of the recent buzz about their vegan dishes.


Whenever I get invited to try out a Indian restaurant, I pray to God that it will be good. Because, as you know by now, it takes alot for me to like Indian cuisine that isn't prepared by my mother. So, when I got invited to try out Indico, all of these thoughts were racking through my brain. I have wanted to try out Indico ever since it opened and had heard alot of buzz about the place. The restaurant is based in Shirley and it specialises in Indian street food. I wondered what their vegan options would be like, how authentic it would be and whether it would be a place that I would want to visit again.

Cereal Killer Cafe

It seems that LinkStreet in the Bullring is the place to be. Not only is it the only home of Not Dogs but it is now also the home of the only non-London branch of Cereal Killer Cafe (CKC). When I found out CKC was coming to Birmingham, I was overjoyed to have a piece of London in Birmingham. I used to love cereal when I was younger, as I had a dairy obsession (crazy how things change) and wondered if CKC could fuel my nostalgia.

Not Dogs

When you get invited to try out somewhere new, you never know what might happen. It can leave you in a state of uncertainty and anxiety which is also mixed with excitement and anticipation. These are all the feelings I felt when I was invited to try out Not Dogs. The link between the Debenhams and Grand Central has been appropriately named LinkStreet and it has seen a plethora of new stores open. One of which is Not Dogs, a veggie fast food brand that started as a food cart at festivals and is the brainchild of two veggie food lovers, Katie and Jane.

Chung Ying Central Blogger Bites

Hi all, what a year 2016 was for food and it seems 2017 will be just as good. Well, if my first blogger event is anything to go by, it will be better! The event in question was the Blogger Bites event at Chung Ying Central, which was to showcase the winter specials on the menu. For those that don't know the restaurant that well, it is part of a trio of restaurants in Birmingham and is a name that has been in Birmingham for over 30 years. I have been to Chung Ying Central a couple times before but it has been a while since my last visit, I am not sure why as I always love the food.

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