Say what? Vegan Brunch at Natural Healthy Foods!

I love Natural Healthy Foods, their lunch/dinner options are great. You get healthy vegan options in the heart of Birmingham, what's not to love about that? So, finding out they were doing vegan brunch was like music to my ears. And then that I was invited to go try it out, was even better! Since then, they have also started doing a vegan Christmas dinner, which I also really want to try. I think I will end up living there! Anyways, back to the brunch...

I'm on a Mission for a Vegan Burrito!

The last time I visited Mission Burrito, I wasn't enthused. To be frank I was quite let down. So when I got invited to Mission Burrito's Blogger Evening. I was sceptical. Which was thankfully an opinion that was turned right around. 

T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event

Tea is a beautiful thing. It may not actually cure everything but it can make you feel a damn sight better from anything that may be happening in your life. At least that's how I feel about it. Which is why I love the T2 store in Birmingham's Bullring. It's not only an aesthetically pleasing store but they also have a beautiful array of loose leaf teas and tea accessories. So being invited along to the T2 Tea Christmas Blogger Event felt like a dream. I know I say that about pretty much every event but I genuinely get excited and appreciative of them all. Unless they are dull, then I won't even mention them. Ever. They go into an abyss in my memory.

Keeping it Fressh!

When a new eatery opens in Birmingham, I become curious as to what their vegan options will be. That curiosity was heightened when Fressh opened up in late October, actually WAY before this when I heard that the place was gonna open, as they are fully vegan and have a look that is very similar to Eat by Chloe in New York. When I was invited to their soft launch, I was ready with my elasticated waistband and camera. I wanted to try it all and that's what I have tried to do. I have visited Fressh now a trio of times to ensure I was able to review it with a full knowledge of the service, some of the food and the prices.

Tamatanga: First Impressions of the Vegan Menu

When a new place opens in Birmingham, my curiosity ensures I try it out ASAP. This is how I felt when Tamatanga opened up a few weeks ago and I have been able to try it twice already. On the two occasions, I tried different dishes off the vegan menu. Each occasion was vastly different. Both are shown in images and descriptions below. Of course, when a place is new there will be kinks they will need to sort out. So I am taking that into account and plan to revisit the eatery in a couple of months.

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