My Food Post of the Week: Dosa Mania

I love South Indian food, especially Dosa. I love that it is light, vegan and that it contains many components. My favourite place to have dosa used to be Deepali's in Sparkhill but they lost their edge and I have fallen out of love with them. So I have been unconsciously looking for a new place for dosa for a while now and after seeing a pic of the dosa that is being served at Dosa Mania on a fellow blogger's Instagram, I knew I had to go visit. So scroll down to see what I thought.

Dosa Mania is based in Harborne in a little out of the way location, it has a very minimal decorative look and is quite small. I had booked a table for 2, as I saw on Tripadvisor that bookings are recommended, and glad I had as people were already waiting for a table as we got in. The table we had been given was right next to the door and we were quite literally in the middle of everything, which was slightly awkward. We told the waitress this and she told us that there was no other option, so we just settled for it. The place was rushed and understaffed, perhaps why the service was without a smile or pleasantries, to the point the menu was snatched out of my mother's hand once she'd ordered. 

We decided to go for a Masala Dosa each, thinking they were tiny we also ordered Goa Fish Curry and Aloo Palak with Roti and Rice.

As you can see from the first picture above, the dosa was not tiny but an amazingly considerate portion considering the £2.99 price tag. Dosa is basically a savory rolled pancake that is filled with potatoes and accompanied with Sambar (a runny daal), coconut chutney, mint sauce and a chilli peanut sauce. It is normally the filling within the dosa or dosa itself that varies. There are many varieties of dosa on the menu but we both wanted the classic.

I have to say that the dosa was perfection, perfectly crisp with a well spiced centre of potato and runny daal that accompanied the spices well. I always eat this the same way, probably not the way you should but it's a way I suppose, I slowly break off the ends and dip them in the chutneys and sambar until I get to the best bit, the masala aloo. Then I slurp the remaining sambar like soup. To be honest, I was quite full after this but was intrigued to see what the Goan Fish Curry and Aloo Palak would be like.

The Goan Fish Curry was not what I thought it would be. I remember having Goan Fish Curry when I was at uni in Bristol at a place called Bank, it was creamy, a pale yellow in colour and piled up high on my plate and looked so good that I burnt my tongue because I just couldn't wait to eat it. So when this arrived I was really disappointed, as the colour wasn't the same or the smell so to the taste test. It was very salty and the fish appeared to be the offcuts and not very meaty. We both ended up leaving this and we never leave food, ever!

This was the roti that was more of a cross bread of roti-naan, it was neither amazing or fantastic.

The rice was awful, obviously microwaved and lumpy in texture.

The Aloo Palak was good in comparison to the rest but not anything to shout about.

Food - 3/5
The dosa was exquisite and would go back for this but the rest isn't even worth trying. Lesson learnt.

Dairy-free options? - 4/5
South Indian food is good for lactose intolerance and vegetarians, as it has high levels of fish and coconut milk so I had no worries. However, I double-checked with the waitress and she advised me what I had ordered was dairy-free but the Aloo Gosht arrived and it had been garnished with yoghurt, you can just imagine my face. But they were able to get me a fresh portion without yoghurt. So crisis averted.

Allergen Menu? No

Service - 2/5
They barely talked to anyone, I didn't see them smile and didn't ask if we wanted drinks when we ordered and then the drinks took me to prompt them to arrive but they handled the yoghurt situation well so I have given them a two. They definitely need to hire more staff to ensure the staff aren't overworked, as they are.

Cleanliness - 4/5
They worked hard to ensure that tables were cleaned as soon as people left, to give the waiting people a table to sit on.

Location - 3/5
A little off the track but close to the Harborne high street and easy to find with the Google Navigation.

Value for Money - 4/5
For the dosa, it would have been £6 and a bargain but with the rest it came to around £25, which for the quality, it wasn't worth it at all.

Worth trying? Yes for the dosa only

Instagram worthy? Yes

Overall score - 3/5

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