My Food Place of the Week: Itihaas Brasserie, Selfridges

I received a voucher from the awesome Bullring Blogger Event to try out Itihaas in Selfridges Food Hall, so off I went to try it out.

I have been here before but it had been a while and I have never done on a review on this place so it was definitely the most ampt moment.

I chose the Khari Prawn Masala, which is normally served with rice and naan but I chose to switch those for salad and chapattis.  

The location is very public and I was a little surprised to see there sink so full, when they weren't that busy but I think they were just waiting for the dishwasher to end one cycle, so they could unfill and fill again.

The food was beautiful, well spiced and good portion. The dishes were just a tad awkward and messy to eat out of but once you start eating, you don't care.

Food - 4/5
Looked the food, it has always been good, but I wish the dishes they are served in weren't so awkward.

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
I asked them about what dishes were dairy free and there were able to give me advice to pick the right dish for me.

Service - 3/5
The service was not very good on the day, it took 30 minutes for the dishes to be served and I was not the only customer that was waiting for that long. The other customers were parents, whose twins were sleeping at the time and they were taking advantage. By the time the food got served to them, one of the twins was awake. If they just fix that, then everything will be a-ok. 

Cleanliness - 4/5
I think they just need more staff so they can on top of the dirty dishes, I can help and am willing to be paid in food!

Location - 5/5
In a prime location in Selfridges, very easy to get to and from for all Birmingham inhabitants and visitors

Value for Money - 3/5
Prices are good for the food and the dish I had was £10. But I saw that the drinks are a little extortionate, with hot drinks at £3.25 and a Rubicon Mango juice at £3.00, I found this a little crazy when Starbucks and Pret a Manger are arms length away and charge around £2 for a hot drink.

 Definitely try this place out and tell me what you think folks.

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