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Birmingham has long been the it-place to go for Indian food, especially as we have the Curry Mile. However, Indian Street Food seems to be the trend that is sweeping Birmingham City Centre. With places such as Indian Brewing, Indian Streetery and most recently Rola Wala. Rola Wala is the newest place in Selfridges in Birmingham and takes over the space that pizza place Izza Pizza used to have. So, what are their vegan options like? And how authentic is it?

The menu is well laid out with allergens all clearly labelled, especially all the vegan options. The spice levels are also laid out and if even if you're used to spice, The Scorpion is hot but Tomato and Naga Chilli is perfect, however I like the Mint, Lime and Pineapple, Mango, Lime and Ginger and Pear and Tamarind. All have differing spice elements and beautiful overall flavours.

I have visited this eatery twice in the last 4 months, once when it first opened in February and a second time in April. Both times I found the service to be spot on but the food has improved considerably the second time. Plus they are now able to ensure that your vegan option remains vegan, as the first time this was a little bit of a struggle. As I ordered a Sweet Potato Saagwala Spice Bowl and asked for it to be vegan, but it came with yoghurt on top. However, they did rectify it quickly and this didn't happen again the second time. I also tried the Avo Chaat Salad and Kashmiri Cauliflower Popcorn. But the spice bowl was the best thing this time around and I didn't think much of the sides.

Anyways, back to the second try. I again, went for the Sweet Potato Saagwala Spice Bowl and I was able to try all the sides. Which are the Sourdough Naan, Red Channa Daal, Rola's String Fries and the aforementioned sides. I was also able to try Keralan Chickpea in a roll or a sourdough naan to be exact.

Ok, so the spice bowl is amazing. I love the different flavours of the curry with the pickles, salad and sav aka crunchy bits. It's a lovely saag that is rich in body and complimented well with the sweet potato. Put it this way, I had it twice. I also enjoyed the roll that contained the Keralan Chickpea. The chickpea curry was creamy and very well complimented by the naan, which I have to say was another highlight. I particularly enjoyed dipping the naan in the Red Channa Daal, which was very rich but tasty. I prefer my daal runny and yellow but this was still lovely.

Take a risk and try the chutneys, they are lovely

A closer look into the Keralan Chickpea Roll I had, full of goodness.

Now onto the sides, I liked them and they were tasty but would I have any of them again? Not likely as none of them were so good to have again. Maybe, the Red Channa Daal and Sourdough Naan together, that was a great combo.

Kashmiri Cauliflower Popcorn

Avo Chaat Salad

Red Channa Daal

Sourdough Naan

Overall, Rola Wala is a great addition to the eateries in Birmingham, with some great vegan options. Service is great but it is not authenticly Indian, however this is most likely because the owners are not either. I do like the name Rola Wala, which means noisemaker. Would I make noise about this place? Yes, because it's something a little different. Would I say it's one of my favourite places in Birmingham? No, as I have a very talented cook of a mother who could emulate the dishes.

**FYI, I paid for my dishes the first time I visited the eatery. The second time, I was invited and the dishes were all complimentary but my views are all my own**

Would I go back? Yes, I could really do with a roll filled with Keralan Chickpea and Sweet Potato Saagwala with the spices and salads.

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? They seem to be coping with it well now but always double check to ensure.

What are the prices like? All the sides are £2.50, Spice Bowls/ Rolls are £6.50 for the vegan options. Very reasonable for the portion size and quality of food.

What is eatery best for? A quick lunch or dinner in an informal setting with informative and friendly service

Have you been? What did you think?

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