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When a new eatery opens in Birmingham, I become curious as to what their vegan options will be. That curiosity was heightened when Fressh opened up in late October, actually WAY before this when I heard that the place was gonna open, as they are fully vegan and have a look that is very similar to Eat by Chloe in New York. When I was invited to their soft launch, I was ready with my elasticated waistband and camera. I wanted to try it all and that's what I have tried to do. I have visited Fressh now a trio of times to ensure I was able to review it with a full knowledge of the service, some of the food and the prices.

As I previously mentioned, I visited Fressh for the first time on their soft launch. This was a few days before they fully opened to the public and I have to say I loved the fresh, clean look of the eatery, the choice of the food looked amazing and the prices looked reasonable. So instagrammable, it's a joke!

The system at Fressh is very similar to that of Subway, in that you can customise everything that goes into your salad, burger or wrap. As the name suggests, everything was fresh and there were so many of my favourites available, such as avocado, sweetcorn, sweet potato, falafel, guac, hummus and black beans.

There were samples of the brownies, which were tasty but I have heard that these have now switched to rice brownies and are made in-house. There were also samples of the smoothies, which were both delicious, especially the banana and cacao one. 

They also have a selection of other drinks, such as this coconut water, which came in a can. Weird but it works well to keep it cold. 

 I tried the Cashew Pesto Pasta as a side too. I didn't like the fact it was cold but it was still quite nice but nothing amazing. I heard that this is going to be taken off the menu to make room for an option that contains jackfruit. Cannot wait for that!

Baked Kale Crisps are nice but not something I would have again. I love kale but not in this form but that's just my personal preference.

The star of the show of this visit was the What the Guac burger. It contains a black bean and sweet potato patty, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, fressh sauce, jalapenos in a sourdough bun. I loved that it contained guac, tortilla crisps and that it was so fat. Seriously so good! If you haven't visited this eatery yet then I would highly recommend that you start with this burger. Just everything about it was so yummy.

 On my second visit, I tried one of the salad bowls, the Taco Bowl to be exact. This bowl contained walnut taco, lettuce, black beans, sweetcorn, tortilla chips, avocado, coriander and lime crema. I switched the red onions for sweet potato and got rid of the tomato (blah!). This salad bowl exceeded all of my expectations. It was tasty, flavoursome and oh so filling. As soon as I finished, I wanted another one. A good sign for sure!

Last but not least, on my third visit I tried the Mac 'n' Cheese. I got a side portion of it and that was a pretty big portion. I liked the coconut bacon, as well as the chilli hit on top and how creamy it was. You honestly couldn't tell that this was vegan. Which is always a good sign! 

Overall, I love this eatery and look forward to trying their breakfast options, as well as the new options that they are due to bring out. It was nice to see so many non-vegans at the eatery, ensuring that people know that vegan food is good and sure as hell isn't boring.

Would I go back? For sure

Why? Amazing vegan food, great location and good prices

How was the service? Friendly, informative and cannot be faulted

How did they cope with the vegan dietary requirement? Pretty damn good, considering it's all vegan

What are the prices like? Reasonable and good portions for the prices

More information - Fressh IG

Have you been? What did you think?

**Many thanks to Fressh for the invite. The first visit was complimentary but the food purchased on the two other occasions was paid for by me. My views are my own**

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