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Rofuto is one of those places that has become infamous in Birmingham. With spectacular views of Birmingham, a location in the heart of the Brum's nightlife and food that is sure to please all tastebuds, it's not hard to see why. I haven't been back since my last review, not because I don't love the food but because of the price point. However, they have recently launched a £19pp fixed menu, which looks pretty damn good and could get rid of that one qualm! Anyways, I went to go try out the vegan options off their new menu in February (bad blogger!). What follows are my thoughts.

Course 1 of the 6 courses (stay with me) was the Tom Yum Soup. This soup is vegan already and contains tofu, mushroom, thai basil and galangai. It was an interesting blend. A little spicy yet wholesome. A good start to any meal. However, would I order this? Probably not.

Next was Course 2, the Kinpira Hosomaki. This was interesting because it contained carrot, salsify and sesame. But again it didn't have that special element that makes you go into a food orgasm. You know, that thing that makes you behave like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. That's what I want when I go out to eat but thus far, I wasn't getting it.

Course 3 was the Japanese Woods and it was the most interesting course of them all! The one on the menu contains eel but this veganised version contained pickled mushrooms, textures of salsify and black garlic. I liked this dish for basically being an edible garden and the salisfy was bark-like yet quite tasty. It was served with dry smoke below it, which gave it a mythical garden look. A giant thumbs up from me.

Moving swiftly onto Course 4, Mushroom Spring Rolls. Now this was my steez and spoke to my Asian roots. Crispy, perfectly fried spring rolls with a mushy yet tasty filling and served with a sauce that you want to drink. Another winner for me, I just wish there had been more of it.

Course 5 was Wild Mushrooms, Tofu and Aubergine Nabemono served with sticky rice. I really enjoyed the chilli black bean sauce in this dish and the way the tofu was served. As well as how the mushrooms worked so well in the sauce and how the whole dish worked with the sticky rice. However, would I choose this over a Pad Thai from Wagamama? Nah.

Last but not least, is the Kisetsu Fruit Salad. The only vegan dessert at Rofuto. I love the use of tropical fruit in this dish, as it speaks to my Ugandan side. But, as I've had this once before I enjoyed it but I didn't love it. Especially when I see everyone else is having cake. I mean, I love fruit but you cannot compare fruit to cake.

Overall, it was a lovely six course dinner at Rofuto. I like how intricate the flavours are and how much attention they pay to detail. But I feel the vegan dishes need more oomph to them, that food orgasm inducing feeling. It's a shame really, as this place has so much potential.rofu

**Many thanks to Rofuto for inviting me to this event and for the complimentary dinner**

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