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When you get invited to try out somewhere new, you never know what might happen. It can leave you in a state of uncertainty and anxiety which is also mixed with excitement and anticipation. These are all the feelings I felt when I was invited to try out Not Dogs. The link between the Debenhams and Grand Central has been appropriately named LinkStreet and it has seen a plethora of new stores open. One of which is Not Dogs, a veggie fast food brand that started as a food cart at festivals and is the brainchild of two veggie food lovers, Katie and Jane.

The menu features breakfast options, a burger, sides, sweet treats and 7 Not Dog options. There are five vegan options on the menu at the moment, which are marked with an asterisk. Making life easier for those that want a dairy and meat-free option, without the hassle of having to ask about every single item on the menu. Can you tell this is an annoyance of mine?

Anyways, the look of the fast food place is very clean and white and I found the lighting was perfect for an Instagram pic, always a plus in my book!

I choose to go for the Vegan Dog with Hello Houmous topping, which was houmous, roasted red peppers and a sprinkling of paprika. Now, I have never had a hot dog before EVER so I didn't know what to expect. However, I really enjoyed it. The dog itself was really tasty, the topping was also made really well and the portion would definitely enough for a hungry shopper.

All in all, I loved my first experience of Not Dogs. The customer service was great, the food blew me away and the place itself was clean and well laid out. I am looking forward to going back soon to see if my experience differs when I am a paying customer. I have heard people complaining that they are just serving Quorn items and it isn't worth going to try it out. I don't believe their premise is to be serving fine dining, it is to serve veggie fast food, which they do and do it well.

*Thank you to the lovely ladies, Katie and Jane, for the invite and I look forward to going back soon. As always, my views are my own but the food was complimentary.*

Have you been? What did you think?

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