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Many people think that all Indian food is heavy, full of spice and highly concentrated in meat dishes. But those in the know, know that this isn't the case. Especially when it comes to Indian street food. As this type of food is flavourful, innovative and there are always alot of good vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free options. Good times for me! That being said, you would have seen on my Twitter page that I was really excited to try out The Indian Lunchbox for the second time at 1000 Trades. Especially as I enjoyed the Kebabylon residency in September.

I tried out The Indian Lunchbox earlier this year when I attended a Burger and Bingo Festival. At that point, they weren't aware that their buns were vegan (although they could be prone to cross contamination in the factory) and I felt that the Aloo Tikki Burger was lacking a certain something because it was bunless. But it was the only option on the menu, at that time, that I could have. That was definitely not the case this time.

The Indian Lunchbox is a family business, where the food is made by Reena and the graphic design and general help is done by her husband, Dee. I could see the family feel when I visited 1000 Trades on Monday this week, when a lot of their family visited, as it was Diwali. Whilst conversating with Dee, he let me know that this is reflected in the food, as Reena learnt alot from her mother. Now this really struck a cord with me because everything I know about cooking comes from a magician of a cook, my mother. He also let me know that it is a relatively new business, that was started in May, which may be why the food has gone up a lot of notches as Reena is going through the trial and error period.

The menu has 7 items in total, all of which are fully vegetarian and 5 of which are vegan. Music to my ears. Last time I tried the Aloo Tikki Burger, which comes with a portion of Chilli Mogo Chips, so I wanted something different this time. I went for the Bhel and Double Roti Burger, as Dee mentioned this is what Reena started the business with, as she couldn't find one anywhere in Birmingham.

The Bhel was amazing. It contained fresh and crunchy puffed rice, beautiful peanuts, potatoes, traditional chilli sauce, mint chutney, tomatoes, red onions and chickpeas. This was heaven in a bowl. So many textures and flavours. My tastebuds were in ecstasy! The portion was also generous and perfect for one.

The Double Roti Burger was also really flavoursome (shown above in the first image). It contained chevra/chevdo, potato curry, onions and it is soaked in a slightly sweet chilli sauce. This burger is unique, as it is eaten with a spoon. It is a burger that is widely available in Wembley, but weirdly, not in Birmingham. I think I may have to go on a food pilgrimage there and see what else Birmingham is missing out on.

As I was ordering I had asked to try the Bhaji's but they weren't available at the time, due to a catastrophe with spices. But Reena was able to solve this when her family arrived and very kindly presented me with a few. They were just as I like them. Crunchy but soft and presented with a mint chutney and chilli sauce. The unique aspect was that they were made from red onions, which added a little sweetness. The batter was also good. Flavourful and complemented by the red onions and chutneys. Just lovely.

As it was Diwali, they had a whole host of Indian sweets on the counter. I saw jalebi's and just could not resist. They are the best!

Overall, I was really impressed with the food options that The Indian Lunchbox supplied and even plan to take my mother later this week to try them out. You won't find good Indian street food like this anywhere else in Birmingham City Centre, that's for sure!

Be warned folks, they are only in residency at 1000 Trades until Saturday 5th November. 5pm -10pm from today until Friday and then 1pm - 10pm on Saturday. So, go try them out today!

*I was invited to try the food and the dishes I consumed were complementary but my opinion is my own*

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