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I love seafood but I am super picky about the Indian food I have, as I have the best at home, so when I got invited along to Vivaanta for a private dinner, I was both intrigued and reluctant. However, on arrival that reluctance vanished and the enthusiasm grew and grew.

A bunch of bloggers, 15 in total, were at this dinner, so it was nice to be amongst good foodie company.

As we waited for the starter, we were presented with poppadoms with an array of chutneys. There were three types of poppadoms, the classic plain, a slightly spicy seedy version and a disc shape one. The chutneys were kept classic with achar, chilli sauce, raita and mango chutney. The chutneys were good and the plain poppadoms were my favourite, as was the mango chutney. Me and my two fellow bloggers slaughtered two plates of these, truly addictive and tasty.

For the starter, we had plate each of an array of the starters on the menu. (From left to right) salmon tikka, baked sea bass, Devonshire crab, sweet potato crisps, Napolese cod pakora, 2 mussels and an aloo tikki. This was an impressive selection of seafood with an indian twist, with the mussels, in particular, delighting my senses being my stand-out item on this plate. They had a masala that was incorporated with lime that worked so well with the mussels that I would have a crate full of these. The rest were just as good but did not that have the je ne sais quoi that the mussels did.

Alongside the starter was this delightful salad. That was a mixture of vegetables and fruit that worked very well together, you know how much I love a salad folks. There was cucumber, rocket, kiwi, red onion, peppers and plum. I liked how all the flavours worked together and it inspired me to mix me my salads with a little fruit. I use apple now and again but I had never thought of using a plum or kiwi. Unfortunately this is not on the menu but I hope it will be soon.

Vivaanta specialises in seafood and you could easily establish this from this dish, a lobster and seafood medley, the medley being scallops and prawns. The scallops were tender, the prawns melted in your mouth, the lobster was chunky and meaty, and the whole dish was elevated higher with a creamy tomato sauce that was spiced very well. This I would go back for.

Please note all my muslim folks that the meat is halal, I repeat it is halal.
Before I talk about this dish, can I just comment on how beautiful that mini saucepan is? Seriously, I went 5 for my birthday, they would look amazing in an Instagram post. Anyways back to the food within the dish. It was a Keralla Ginger Sizzler, which does have milk in, I didn't realise this when I was eating it but it explains my white tongue and stomach somersaults. Which is a shame really because the dish is great. The chicken is in satay size pieces, the ginger is not too heavy or too strong, just enough to work well with the chicken. There is also aubergine, mushrooms and peppers in this dish, which made it even tastier. I would definitely recommend this to my non dairy-free friends.

Another meat dish next with Kaalia Gosht. Very similar to my mums meat dopiaza, it is garam masala spiced dish that was my overall favourite of the night. I genuinely could not stop eating it. Great size pieces of lamb with a masala that I would love on a hot slice of toast, seriously try it. It also contained ginger and aubergine, which made me love it even more so.

Last but not least for the mains was the Lobster Prawn. Which is basically prawns the size of lobster, seriously I did not know such a thing existed and what I sheltered life I have lived because this needs to be in my life more. I loved the prawns, as they were meaty and exquisite but I found the masala was lacking and not as good as the other dishes on the table.

As the naan had butter on it, the kind waiters offered to bring me out a roti, it was thin, tasty and not too yeasty aka it was perfect. So perfect, I had another.

For dessert, it was again an array of the desserts on the menu. Which were (from right to left) pistachio ice cream, gulab jamun, almond halwa, jalebi (which I had already eaten) and fresh fruit (a strawberry, a slice of a pear, a raspberry and a blackberry). I could only have the fruit and jalebi in this selection but the fruit was simply lovely and fresh, and the jalabi needed to be brought out for me to devour more of it but my waistline was happy. I mistakenly thought the pear was a slice of cheese but a fellow blogger put me right, bimbo moment!

Overall, I enjoyed the dinner at Vivaanta and hope to go back soon, when I do I shall definitely be ordering the Kaalia Gosht and roti.

What did you like the look of? Have you tried Vivaanta before, what did you think?

*The meal was complimentary but my views were honest*

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