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The Vegan Grindhouse will have a permanent residency, starting on Monday 10th August, at The Mockingbird at The Custard Factory. If you read the blog regurly then you know that I love TVG, so I jumped for joy when I heard this news. 

The brunch menu will be served from 11am - 2pm and the dinner menu will be from 5pm - 9pm.

As shown in the image above, TVG will be serving vegan americana classics on the set menu, whereas the dinner menu will change every week.

This will be part of Meat-Free Mondays at The Mockingbird and may even lead to The Vegan Grindhouse eventually have their own resistance. It would be great to be able to eat out somewhere for brunch, where I can have waffles, WAFFLES people! Yes I am excited and look forward to try this, now I need to think of what should my excuse should be to take the 10th off work, kidding obviously.

More details are available on http://www.thevegangrindhouse.co.uk/

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