My Food Place of the Week - Mission Burrito

I was off on one of my lunchtime adventures and thought I would give Mission Burrito a chance, as I liked it's predecessor, Chilacas.
This branch is nestled within Brindley Place, just next door to Carluccios and GBK, it looks vibrant, fresh and blatantly Mexican from the outside. There is room to sit inside and out, it has a constant flow of office workers and families in and out the door but what is the food like?

I love Mexican food but because I cannot have dairy or unhalal meat, it doesn't always like me. I chose to have a salad box (I know, so boring) with the vegetarian option of sautéed mixed peppers and red onions, black beans, shredded romaine lettuce, added extra guacamole and some chipotle. I also have a side order of tortilla chips and a bottle of water, that came up to a grand total of £7.20. Firstly there is only one option for veggies and it isn't the most inspired. The lady serving me misheard me and started making me a rice bowl and then when I rectified the situation, she asked me if I wanted a little rice in the bowl, so I said ok, because I didn't want the rice to go to waste but I really didn't want rice. Anyways, most of the salad bowl was made up of lettuce because I don't like red onions or tomatoes and that is the only other items they had. I really didn't enjoy this salad bowl because it hadn't been made properly in layers and everything was just lacking in vibrant flavour. However, on a positive note, I did love the tortilla chips, you could tell they were freshly made, a good portion and great with the flavoursome chipotle sauce or with the guacamole, I would go back for them.

This is a great place to grab a quick lunch but if you are vegetarian or have allergens then this is not the best option for you, as like me, it will just be underwhelming and when there are places like Wrapchic or Subway, it is seriously below par.

Food - 1/5

Dairy-free options? - 3/5
Because it is made to your specifications, it is easy to have no dairy.

Service - 4/5

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 4/5
Awkward for a car user but a good place to have a bite when passing by on a walk.

Value for Money - 4/5

Worth trying? Yes, if you are a meat eater.

Instagram worthy? No

Overall - 3/5

Have you been to Mission Burrito? Did you have a better experience? Did you try the meat option here, was it any better? Let me know in the comment section below or tweet me @Nutella_Tasha.

*This experience was not sponsored but paid for by me. If you would like to sponsor me to eat, I have a Paypal account. Thanks*

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