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Birmingham's food scene appears to be going from strength to strength, with more street food and unique events taking popping up all over the city. One of those unique events was the second En Place pop-up at 6/8 Kafe at Millennium Point.

I had heard good things about the first event from fellow food bloggers so I had to see what the fuss was about. It was a very relaxed setting with a selection of people that wanted to eat and have fun. So relaxed that I felt like I was at a very talented chef-friend's house for dinner.

So what did I have?
(Most would have seen the pics below on my IG, so to stay one step ahead make sure to follow me)

First up was tomato water jelly, beef tartare and caviar.
This was an interesting starter. Soft water jelly that tasted like tomatoes with a chewy beef centre and caviar that added a slight bitterness. I don't like tomatoes so this wasn't a good fit for me but I loved how it tasted just like spaghetti bolognese. It was like my eyes were seeing one thing but my taste buds were seeing another. Freaky but great sensation.

Mint, elderflower, lime and apple shot.
This was great as an palate cleanser and I always favour sour and mint flavours, so I really enjoyed this shot. Very clever idea that was simple and effective. The kind that makes you question why you never thought of it yourself.

Pea veloute, elderflower, coconut cream, wasabi peas and rapeseed oil.
(This dish had been adapted to suit my dairy-free diet)
Tasty, simple but the flavours complimented each other very well. The peas were mellow and had had a creamy hit with the coconut cream and rapeseed oil but with the wasabi peas, the added tang sent my tastebuds into overdrive. I could have this by the bucketload.

Mackerel ceviche and cucumber with smoked vodka sauce.
I really like the idea of cerviche, when raw fish cooks with the citrus flavours of lime or lemon, and have tried it before with salmon. But I am not a fan of mackerel and this dish just wasn't for me. But it was well put together and the other diners also seemed to be divided on this. I think it is a marmite of a dish, either loved or disliked. I don't like sushi either so anything slightly raw puts me off.

Daal, chicken breast, pickled carrot, pureed piccalilli, pureed carrot, roasted carrot and pureed apple.
(Adapted for my halal diet. Yes, I am that fussy diner that people hate).
This was my favourite dish of the night. The daal was well seasoned and made in a traditional indian style, both style of carrots were done to perfection, so much so I wanted a lot more. The pureed apple was a great sweet addition to the dish and made it all go well together. The chicken was a tad bland but with all the flavours from everything else, it was a good thing and meant nothing was upstaged.

Pineapple carpaccio, coconut sorbet, lime gel, chili, pineapple and coconut shavings.
This dish was magnificent, with some of my favourite flavours, such as lime, coconut, pineapple and the slight hint of chilli to make a warming but luxurious dish. All I kept thinking was I need to make this at home.

Vegan marshmallows.
All vegan and the softest pillow-like melt in your mouth marshmallows I have ever had. Like sweet clouds that you just wanted to devour.

All in all, I really enjoyed the En Place pop-up event. The atmosphere was great, people were friendly and I felt like I was getting an education in food. I was impressed at how they were able to adapt certain dishes to cater to my diet and how they did this with such ease. It is a true testament to their passion and, if you had seen the size of the kitchen and apparatus, their initiative.

The next event is on the 20th September, more details here.

Have you tried En Place? Do you like this kind of food?
Feel free to comment below.

*I received a discounted ticket for the ticket but the views are my own*

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