My Food Place of the Week: 4023

Certain cuisines in Birmingham City Centre are rife: places such as kebab shops, Italian and pub grub.
So you will see that most of My Food Place of the Week posts show that I am always on the look out for something new and something I haven't tried before, 4023 fit that bill perfectly with their Mediterranean food.

4023 is located on Stephenson Street, near to New Street Station and just behind Coffee Lounge. I have been going past this place for weeks, I was so excited when I got to try it. It's small but it packs quite a punch.

It is decorated quite modestly but you can see the Mediterranean theme throughout.

I decided to go for the Melitzana Platter, a whole grilled aubergine with tomato, herbs and olive oil on Pisia flatbreads and with Handcut Chips, and Courgette Fritters. The aubergine with the oil on the bread was like the softest tastiest vegetarian pizza I have ever tried. The aubergine was caramelised, the bread melted in your mouth and then the chips were crispy and a great size. It was freshly made and I was so eager to try it that I burnt the top part of my mouth. Did I care? Was it worth it? HELL YES! The Courgette Fritters had a little too much batter on it for me, I felt I couldn't taste the courgettes but this could be easily fixed and the premise for an amazing side dish is there.
I cannot wait to try out the other vegetarian dish very very soon. If you haven't tried this place then please do it soon and you will not regret it.

Food - 4/5
The food is fantastic, based on what I tried, but the choice for veggies is quite limited. However, they do have Daily Specials nearly everyday, so that can be another option. Everything is freshly made, which is a plus for a foodie but allow time or ring ahead if you're in a rush.

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
Yes, they also adapt what they can for you.

Service - 5/5
Staff at the counter were great at talking me through what everything meant, at giving recommendations and understanding what I wanted. Fantastic customer service.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Very clean but be warned, this is a small place so don't go in a gang of 10 because there is no room.

Location - 5/5
Very accessible and easy to get to in the Birmingham City Centre.

Value for Money - 5/5
My meal was with a drink and came to £4.80. I was full, satisfied, my tastebuds had been stimulated. and hydrated for under a fiver, that is a bargain in my book.

Is it worth trying? Yes. Gimme more!

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