My Food Place of the Week: The Bureau

I have been wanting to go The Bureau for a while now, so when me and a girlfriend decided to meet for dinner, I knew that was my opportunity.
The Bar/Restaurant is located on Colmore Row and is the perfect location for after work drinks and a bite to eat. It is next door to Chung Ying Central and shares that loud atmosphere but there is an upstairs section and I think it would be all about timing with the place. Timed well, it could be a safe haven from the busy bullring.

The menu is quite varied, from a Deli section to Burgers and a Chargrilled Menu

I chose The Bureau Veggie Burger, which was 7 pounds and added a portion of the Sweet Potato Wedges, which were £3.50.

My friends chose the Butterflied Sea Bass, which was £13.50, with Hand Cut Chips (£3)

A few friends on Twitter have been raving about this place so I could not wait to try it but I felt overly disappointed about this place. The food was average, my burger was different (in a good way) but was just too bulky and carby for my liking. With cold onion rings and big chunky veg inside, its a meaty dish without the meat. The Sweet Potato Wedges were just average also, just too fat. It was like there was no thought, just plonk it on the plate. My friend agreed about her Sea Bass and said it was overly salty. Considering the price, you should be wowed, we were just left feeling that it was a waste of money.

I ended up not eating the bun or the onion rings or the tomato.

It is a really pretty place and one I would return to but not for the food.

Food - 2/5
Could have been ALOT better

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
The Deli section has a lot of cheese included, however that is what you would expect but the menu is varied and there is options for everyone

Service - 5/5
Very friendly and helpful. Cannot fault.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 5/5

Value for Money - 2/5
Portions were good but standard of the food was mediocre and not worth the price.

Yes, it is customary to take a pic with this crazy chick at Birmingham New Street Station!

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