My Food Place of the Week: Bun and Bowl

The Cube is starting to become a hotspot for foodies in Birmingham, especially with the newly launched addiction of Bun & Bowl.

Burger places are ten-a-penny in Birmingham but a restaurant that specialises in shrimp too, that is a niche market that has not been touched on in Birmingham. So you could understand why my mother and I were so excited to try this place.

The decor is very nicely done, it's cosy but yet prestigious and very much fits the ideal of The Cube but without it being pretentious.

They do not have cocktails on the menu but have 13 that they are going to add very soon. We asked for non-alcoholic versions and they served us a Mango cocktail and a Strawberry & Mint cocktail. Both were really delicious but I particularly took a liking to the Mango one. It was not too sweet and was beautifully refreshing, whereas I found the Strawberry & Mint one to be a tad bitter.

Onto the best bit now... THE FOOD!!

For my starter I had Shrimps in Garlic, Lemon & Parsley Sauce.

The sauce was spectacular, I could have easily just had bread dipped in the sauce. It was tangy, light and the flavour worked well with the shrimp. The shrimp looked like in was in 3D because it was so thick and chunky. I have not seen shrimp like this before, it was awesome.

My mum had Hummus served with warm Pitta Bread.

The hummus was really creamy but really tasty, of course I tried some, and with the pitta bread, it was the perfect mix. But my starter was so much better.

This was the view from where we were sitting

For my mains I had The Mediterranean from the Shrimps in a Bowl section on the menu.

They switched the bread for me because the other was not dairy free.

The mixture of the shrimp, olives and tomato sauce worked so well together. The only downfall was the fact it was a tad watery and it needed more spice; especially as the starter was so full of flavour, this seemed to lack in comparison. However, it was still majorly tasty.

On the side, I had Sweet Potato Frites, they were light, tasty and there was alot of them. 
Win-win situation in my eyes.

My mum had the Falafel Burger with Potato Wedges, with salsa and sour cream

This is the only veggie option on the menu but it sure does not disappoint.

The salsa was amazing and as you can see from the picture below, it was rammed full.

Food - 5/5
I loved it all and I liked how the food and the premise was different to other places. They have a good shrimp selection, as well as burgers and meat dishes, they just need more vegetarian options.

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5
The headchef, John, came out and spoke to us before and after the meal. He notified me that bread will be altered for my main course and talked me through what I could and couldn't have on the menu.

Service - 4/5
Victoria, our waitress, was super friendly and I saw she was like that with every customer at the restaurant. I couldn't help but chat with Victoria and felt she was not faking her enthusiasm for the venue and she had an extensive knowledge of the restaurants within The Cube. She also notified me that the owner of Bun and Bowl also owns the Brazilian Restaurant next door, Rodizio Rico, and the Coffee Shop, Madeline.

Cleanliness - 5/5
It's a brand new venue and it shows, especially in the gorgeous bathrooms, go take a visit.

Location - 2/5
This is the only let down because you would not know this venue was there because it is quite hidden, so it is not somewhere you would just run into.

Value for Money - 5/5
The portions were worth the price. With drinks, it would be around 20 pounds per person.

Thank you to Bun and Bowl for looking after us, I cannot wait to go back and use my 25% off voucher.

Go check it out!!!

*Bun and Bowl knew that I would attending for a review and paid for my meal, however my opinions are my own*

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