Salon of the Month: Samsara Skin

When I decided to make Samsara Skin my Salon of the Month, I never expected it would be such a bittersweet post.

Located in the Custard Factory in Birmingham is this Skin Mecca that I recently learnt will be closing in a couple of weeks. 
So take advantage whilst you can!

Samsara is run by two skin experts and bloggers, Andy ( and Jess (

At Christmas time, I was invited along to the Samsara Skin Christmas Bloggers Party where in my goodie bag, I was given a voucher for a facial so of course I used it. When I attended the event I saw and heard how much knowledge Andy and Jessica had and this made me even more excited for my facial.

I wish I had got a close up of the sink, it was amazingly beautiful
Facials and other treatments take place in the back room of the salon. 

The room is lovely and tranquil, with lots of natural light coming through. I could've stayed there for the whole day.

Firstly, Jess did a questionnaire about my general health, concerns about my skin and health of my skin to diagnose what products she was going to use.

The treatment was as follows:

First cleanse Cosmedix Benefit Clean

Second cleanse Cosmedix Purity Clean and Foreo Pro

Gentle sweep with Purity Balance on gauze to lift away dead skin cells and dirt

Layer of Cosmedix Pure Enzymes left on the face to gently exfoliate and brighten, as well as to help skin regulate moisture retention.

Mask of probiotic mix, vitamin c, colloidal oatmeal, jojoba oil, wild cherry bark, sweet cherry seed and tart cherry extract, rose water and chamomile water.

Cosmedix Emulsion to hydrate and strengthen

Cosmedix Serious Protection to finish.

This is what is used for the light treatment.

This product is expensive but it works so well, it is definitely worth the investment, I really want it so badly.

I don't think my skin has ever felt so good or if I ever been that relaxed. I'm normally quite awkward around people I don't know very well but Jess put me at ease straight away as I arrived into the salon, as me, Jess and Andy chatted away.

Even now my skin looks and feels amazing. 

I also brought some goodies.

I am especially loving the Eye Cream. Perfect for applying before concealer.

I wish Andy and Jess all the best for the future.

I hope that more shops like this pop up soon.


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