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Salon of the Month - Puro Hair

After the fun I had at B in the City last month, I was invited along to Puro Hair to make it my salon of the month of March.

Situated at the back of Mailbox, near the Gala Casino, on John Bright St; only a 2 minute walk from Birmingham New Street Train Station is this oasis of a hair salon.

Puro Hair is a organic salon in every sense of the word. 
From the products they use, to the wallpaper and even the soap in the toilet, everything is organic.

Excuse my presence in the mirror
But this doesn't mean that anything is bland or boring. The salon is light and airy and is somewhere that you easily feel comfortable in. Which is definitely a good thing, as you can spend alot of time here if you are having colour done.

I also learnt that whilst you are at the salon for a lengthy amount of time, they can order you food from a nearby cafe, called Cherry Red's (which was recommended to me by my stylist and will be my food place of the week this week)

I met Sarah, the owner, and her Sister, Cara, when I attended a hair event at the salon and they were both really nice and love to spread the message of organic haircare.

They also have this advice within the salon. Such as the notice above, it lists the ingredients that are not good for your hair and a certain one that can lead to cancer.

Sarah and Aliyah at the reception desk
I had the lovely Aliyah as my stylist, who talked me through what I wanted and tested my hair to see what products I needed. This is done by taking a strand of hair and pulling to see its elasticity. Aliyah tested mine and came to the conclusion that I needed hydrating products. I like how she could find this out without even asking me and the fact she was right. I have previously bleached my hair and this has made it dry so Aliyah came to the right conclusion.

She also mentioned that because of the layer that has been cut straight across, it is making my hair behave like a mushroom because it has been cut like 2 separate hair cuts and not like one fluid cut. Again I couldn't disagree because my hair had become very hard to style since I had it cut last. It's funny how you think you had a good cut but until you get a second opinion, you then learn of why your hair is behaving the way it is.

The Kevin Murphy products used on the day
I never have my hair straight so I asked for it to be blow dried straight and loved the results. Aliyah was with me from the reception to washing my hair to cutting and finishing, so basically the whole process. This made sure that I was able to bond with my stylist and get to know more about the salon and Aliyah. Definitely a plus and something I had liked about B in the City. I learnt that Aliyah had been working there for 2 years and she has just got a MUA qualification, you can tell because her makeup was flawless but was very camera shy. She just about allowed me to take the picture of her at the reception desk.

After one wash, my hair feels amazing and it styled itself
The Kevin Murphy products are really something because they don't over power the hair and allow it to do as it wants. I was converted when I tried them after getting some free samples at the Puro event but since going to the salon, I have fallen in love with them and I have purchased a kit from Bath and Unwind for £16.77,

Overall I really liked it at the salon and would probably favour it over B in the City. For its organic products, overall look, education in the organic products and my hair. It is a tad expensive but you do get what you pay for. The staff are all very friendly and they don't have that snootiness that some other well established salons have. Aliyah, my stylist, was friendly and knowledgeable; which is alway good when a stylist knows what they are talking about. The price is the only thing that would stop me from going again.

Ambiance - 5/5

Cleanliness - 5/5

Staff - 5/5

Value - 3/5

But it didn't enthuse me to lose my loyalty to my current stylist, but put me in the organic mindset and if I wanted a colour then I would definitely go to Puro because I know my hair would not suffer. 

So the search continues.


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