My Food Place of the Week: Zaytoon

A couple of days after trying Bader, me and my favourite dining partner, my mother, tried out Zaytoon; which is just opposite Bader on Coventry Rd.

Zaytoon means olive and the restaurants tagline is "Healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle...",
which is music to my ears. The restaurant is a little smaller than Bader but it the selection of food is just as good and a little cheaper. One of the staff at the restaurant used to work at Bader too, that must be awkward.

They have a soup of the day, which is at the side of the restaurant. It costs a pound and you can get it yourself or wait for the waiter to give it to you.

We got a mini platter, which consisted of chicken taouk (pieces), hummus, salad and a stuffed vine leaf.

We also got a falafel wrap which was simple and delicious.

They always give flatbread when they serve hummus and it is the perfect accompaniment. The bread is light and thin, perfect for someone watching their figure.

Normally I find Lebanese food quite bland but this was tasty and was the perfect lunch or light dinner. Also nothing on the plate was going to aggravate my lactose intolerance, which is even better.

Food - 4/5

Food appropriate for Lactose Intolerance Suffers - 5/5

Service - 5/5
The staff were very humorous and helpful but took a while to serve the food.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 5/5

Value for Money - 5/5
Cheaper alternative to Bader

I will definitely be visiting here again


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