Colour Bar - Lisa Shepherd Birmingham

Lucky me was invited along to the Lisa Shepherd Salon in Birmingham to try out the new Colour Bar section.
The Salon in Birmingham

I saw the Colour Bar when I visited the salon for the Instaglam event and couldn't wait to try out my first treatment at the salon.

I arrived at the salon, greeted politely and with genuine smiles by the Australian receptionist, whose hair and makeup was amazing. I had been to the salon for the Instagram event so I knew a few of the people and everyone, even those I didn't meet before, were also friendly.

My coat hung up and me sat down, I looked at the menu and at first thought I would go for having the whole of the underlayer of my hair bleached and then dyed a bright colour. But after deliberation with the Colour Bar specialist, I decided to go for an all over colour gloss, because my idea would take too long and that isn't the idea of the Colour Bar. I understood and was excited in anticipation for my glossy silky hair.

The menu
My hair is not in bad condition but due to bleaching and highlights, it can go quite dry so the gloss was needed.
My hair before
Me getting my hair washed
I am not going to play tennis, I swear
The gloss was put on and I waited in the Colour bar waiting area for the treatment to work on my hair. Above shows what I look like, its not the most flattering but the first time I have seen something like it. I normally have highlights done at salons so never feel the need to cover my ears so I thought this was genius but its basically just a cotton wool headband so it was very comfortable too.

Then the treatment was washed off after 15 minutes and I was sat back into the Colour Bar section to dry my hair. My hair felt a little soapy, so I asked for it to be rinsed again if possible. They were understanding about this, even though it was probably my paranoia.I don't know about you but the best thing for me about going to the salon is having someone take over and do it all for you but in this instance, you are supposed to do it yourself. The Colour Bar is an express service so this ensures that no time is wasted by the stylist. But I felt so stupid drying my own hair, I mean you can do it yourself at home, I had just had a long day at work and this just felt like more work. 

After the gloss
 Anyways the gloss worked a treat and my hair looked awaken, it still feels and looks good.

Overall I enjoyed the Colour Bar experience and my visit to the salon but I think the drying it yourself part should be reconsidered and maybe around 10 pounds added onto the price to include a blow dry.

Since this, I have had highlights put in so I shall be doing before and after pics soon.

Watch out.


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